Volunteer Abroad

  • The International Volunteer Program (IVP) is a program of Service For Peace that involves youth and professionals in voluntary service programs designed to increase international cooperation and to break the cycle of poverty in nations throughout the world. At the core of our programs is the belief that sustainable community development is possible through active citizenship, collaborative leadership, and intercultural exchange. 


Community Development

  • Service For Peace collaborates with partner communities in the Dominican Republic to address significant development issues. In doing so, we adopt an approach that is often referred to as Community Based Development (CBD). It is very different to the idea of massive amounts of foreign aid being provided by developed nations.


Dominican Republic

  • El Cidral is a peaceful and unified community located in a valley nestled in the mountains of Villa Altagracia county within the province of San Cristobal, just 45 minutes northwest of the capital city limits of Santo Domingo. 


Make aninvestment

  • Please invest in communities, families and people helping each other through a donation to Service For Peace. 

    Your contribution is a significant investment in the continued development of our Communities of Peace, an improved quality of life for many, and the belief that diverse people working together on a shared mission will make a difference.