Community Based Development

Service For Peace (SFP) focuses its energy and resources on collaborating with community members in Communities of Peace in order to address significant development issues. In doing so, we adopt an approach that is often referred to as Community Based Development (CBD). It is very different to the idea of massive amounts of foreign aid being provided by developed nations. Poor and marginalized people have often been viewed as the target of poverty reduction efforts but the CBD approach turns this perception on its head and treats communities and their institutions as assets and partners in the search for solutions to their development challenges.

In other words, SFP believes that effective community development has to be community based. However, SFP provides ongoing assistance to Communities of Peace through a variety of local and international projects that address local issues as identified by community partners.

One of the most significant impacts of our programs is that volunteers leave with a genuine understanding of the importance of discarding the traditional view of developing nation residents as victims. Volunteers are transformed by a number of things during our programs, but repeatedly reflect that their interactions with community partners completely change their understanding of international aid, identity, and purpose.