What is a Community of Peace?

Communities of Peace are the foundation for all Service For Peace programs, initiatives, partnerships, and volunteer activities. Our Communities of Peace are essentially our partner communities and act as our leaders and teachers. It is our belief that community development should be an inclusive and long-term process that requires both internal and external support. 

Service For Peace is founded on the belief that when people serve together for the greater good, they develop greater understanding and trust and a growing sense of community. Communities of Peace are simply communities where an ethic of service prevails, where residents work together to address those needs that have been prioritized by the community. In each of the developing nations where SFP is active, our local staff members have identified specific communities where SFP will work with the residents to support projects that the community has identified as part of a long-term development plan. 


Dominican Republic, El Cidral

El Cidral is a peaceful and unified community located in a valley nestled in the mountains of Villa Altagracia county within the province of San Cristobal, just 45 minutes northwest of the capital city limits of Santo Domingo. 

Dominican Republic, El Angelita Hospital

The “El Angelita” Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital is located in the heart of Santo Domingo and is the largest public children’s hospital in the country.