Become a Sponsor

Service For Peace is distinguished from other nonprofit organizations because of our commitment in striving for peace through service. Our efforts are targeted towards promoting diversity and providing  services in training: involving people to take strong roles in every aspect of the service and educational components, encouraging them in their support roles, and guiding participants to experience ownership by becoming and raising others to help lay the foundation of peace. 

As we expand our efforts to provide year round services, we are faced with a financial investment opportunity. We look forward to building partnerships that take the form of community stakeholders. Our partners take on meaningful roles as projects evolve within a framework of a long-term plan for cooperation. We envision our projects as being organized and executed through mutually beneficial relationships with a variety of agencies and partners.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

1. Opportunity to create your own team to work as volunteers, who will be fully orientated and guided in reflection by Service For Peace

2. Development and well-being of the community, along with a measurable and positive impact

3. Sustainable service activity

4. Emotional rewards

5. Influence others to be peacemakers

6. High visibility: 

    a. Sponsors featured on all television public service messages

    b. Sponsors logo placed prominently on volunteer T-shirts

    c. Posters with logo distributed through school systems, government agencies, churches, businesses throughout the community

    d. Company banner appears at events

    e. Media relations engagement

7. Recognition for involvement as peacemakers and builders of positive social change.

Sponsors at various levels are needed to invest in the many expenses that are associated with promoting, recruiting, and detailing the successful completion of planned programs and projects.